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For many years now I've been searching my past in an endeavor to unfold the tales of my family. I've traveled (via the internet) to England, Denmark, Norway, Ohio, Nebraska, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. I've spent time personally visiting historic Boston and their wonderful cemeteries and, or course, visited my ancestors right here in California. My ancestors have touched the world in many places... and I hope to enjoy some of their experiences. I want you to join me as I travel through my past... and uncover their stories..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Written Word Wednesday ~ Handwriting

So many of us are thrilled when we find handwritten documents from one of our ancestors.  Especially those notes with just random thoughts or what the writer was doing that day.  It's the simple things that my ancestors did that intrigue me. .. was it sunny out?  were there children running around outside?  is there an ice cream truck going by with it's music playing?  who did they talk to on the phone that day?  Wouldn't it be fun if we all found a written note from an ancestor.. lets say ... three generations back?  Three generations back would take me to the mid-1800's.  I would love to read something written by my great great grandparents.  I'd love to read what a typical day was for them.  What did they serve for dinner?  What was the family like and who talked to who.   

So .. with all that being said I am going to put more focus on keeping my journaling up. I began writing in journals for four special people in my life about fifteen years ago. Yes.. that's four separate journals with my individual thoughts for each person. I keep them tucked away, but close by, and know they will be found when I'm gone. I went back and read what I wrote years ago and its amazing what was going on at the time.  I'm so glad I enjoy writing.

"Written Word Wednesday" is going to remind me that it's time to write. . . write something... anything.  I think the written word is disappearing and I find that sad.  I don't want it to go away.  With all of us blogging and texting, no one receives, or sends, anything handwritten anymore.  I want my descendants to know about how I lived and what my handwriting looked like.  

So I am going back to my writing and I will post a snippet of what I write. Something to indicate that I'm keeping up with my journal writing.  I hope many of you will join me.  So whether you write in a journal or send an actual letter off in the mail I think it will be fantastic if we all brought back the written word and then shared about it in our blog.  I'd love to hear your story on how you are bringing back the written word for your decedents.

"Wednesday, June 20, 2012
There's a cool breeze and it's about 68°.  We just celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday and I had some of the family over; Mark, Cassie, Marcus, Matthew, and three of their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Craig and their son Darren.  We BBQ'd and enjoyed the pool.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm sorry it's been a long time since I've written in my journal and for that I feel bad.  I will do my best to keep up with my writings.  
 Much Love  .  .  .  " 

Warm Regards,  


  1. There is something indeed special about seeing someone's handwriting. I applaud your resolve. I've never been interested in keeping a journal because I thought I had nothing to say, but you're right -- those simple things will be interesting to someone one day.

  2. The journals you've kept for over 15 years will be a treasure to your loved ones in the future. Just wish I had the initiative to do the same - through the years I've attempted to keep a journal, but never followed through for very long. Maybe I will try again. One of my goals in genealogy research is finding a sample of all of my ancestor's handwriting. It's always exciting to find a new sample of handwriting for someone in my family tree. Great post!

  3. Ah Wendy and Bees Knees ~
    I used to tell myself the same thing... such as what would I have to say.. or I don't have the time. But .. I keep my journals in my nightstand which is out of sight to others but I know they are within reach. So once a week I write a little note to my loved ones. Doesn't have to be long.. just a sentence or two. I tell myself.. what would I want to read from my ancestors? I realized I would take anything. Keep a note pad near your computer and date each day. Could be a comment on what you are researching or what sites interest you.
    I hope each of you jot a few notes down each day ... in your own handwriting. Think of what a wonderful gift you will be leaving your descendents. :)

    Warm Regards,