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For many years now I've been searching my past in an endeavor to unfold the tales of my family. I've traveled (via the internet) to England, Denmark, Norway, Ohio, Nebraska, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. I've spent time personally visiting historic Boston and their wonderful cemeteries and, or course, visited my ancestors right here in California. My ancestors have touched the world in many places... and I hope to enjoy some of their experiences. I want you to join me as I travel through my past... and uncover their stories..

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tip ~ Old Death Records

I find this a fascinating site and get lost in time reading all the information posted here. OldDeathRecords.org is a Database of Death Records, Obituaries, Old Newspaper Mortuary Notices and other Death Articles, including Old Murders, Shootings, Suicides, and other causes of death.  The collection includes Death and Necrology Lists, Newspaper Death Lists, and Links to other Death Databases and Collections of Obituaries. You can add your own family's obituaries and death information so that others can gain access to it.  Be sure to search here when looking for lost relatives!   http://www.olddeathrecords.org/

Here's a sample of one I found quite interesting . . .

Colburn, Joseph d. 1891

Feud and Shot Gun.

RICHLAND, Minn., Nov. 21.---Joseph Colburn and his nephew, Charles Peaslee, revived and old feud yesterday. They quarreled about a colt. Colburn knocked Peaslee down. Peaslee got a gun and killed Colburn, filling his breast with buckshot.
Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Nov 1891

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  1. Incredible page!I've learned something here. See also family tree page to trace your own heritage. Thanks.

  2. As I run across sites of interest I will try to post them here. I'm sure most seasoned genealogists know of them but for the newer searchers I hope these tips are helpful. Have a wonderful day.
    Warm regards ...