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For many years now I've been searching my past in an endeavor to unfold the tales of my family. I've traveled (via the internet) to England, Denmark, Norway, Ohio, Nebraska, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. I've spent time personally visiting historic Boston and their wonderful cemeteries and, or course, visited my ancestors right here in California. My ancestors have touched the world in many places... and I hope to enjoy some of their experiences. I want you to join me as I travel through my past... and uncover their stories..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Written Word Wednesday ~ Clues for Our Descendents

Please take the time today to write a "handwritten" note.  Whether it be in a formal journal or on a scrap of paper just write a little something about yourself, what you did today, the weather, or maybe what you had for dinner.  We all appreciate the handwritten notes we find from our ancestors and how it gives us clues to their lives.  Lets do the same so our descendants will also have available to them a clue into our lives.  We may not think our lives are anything special. Most of us have a very set routine. . . work, dinner, bed, then back to work the next day and so on.  What do we do on the weekends when we have more free time? What tv shows do we watch routinely?  How many hours do we spend searching clues to our ancestors lives? What family members do you feel closest to?   What do you wish was asked on the census records of our ancestors but wasn't?  Write about that tidbit of information about you.  It may be easier if you are writing "to" someone as opposed to just statements. What if you wrote a note TO your descendants?  "Dear Descendants ... whomever you may be.. I'm writing this so you will have a peek into my life ... "   Wow.. if I found a note like that from an ancestor of mine!  I would love it .. to know they were thinking about the future. While we may think our life isn't interesting ... I bet our ancestors thought the same thing about theirs.  So write your note, a handwritten note,  and tuck it away for others to find when you are no longer here.

Warm Regards,


  1. I like the "Dear Descendants" idea. I don't hand write very often, but you've given me food for thought.

  2. Hi Devon - I'm glad you like the "Dear Descendants". I would love it if I found a note like that. Can you imagine finding a note from an Ancestor where they describe a day in their life, from the weather, where they lived, what they did for employment, what they were doing that day.. maybe yardwork, laundry, playing with the dog... and so on. I wrote my Dear Descendant letter. It was fun. :)